Window Graphics for Recruiting Offices

Window Graphics for Recruiting Offices

We absolutely love doing work for our armed forces and this was no exception, coming to us with already designed images and keeping try to there fashion of eye cathing design we printed, laminated and installed for them. We used a 70/30 Window perf with an optically clear lamination. Also keeping true to our quality we edge seal all of the sides of the prints for lasting durability and to make sure there is no lift on the corners. This allows us to have no call backs for this issue, and letting the customer be worry free about the install. 

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70/30 Window Perf vinyl with an optically clear overlaminate usually has the outcome with the best results. In high UV areas around the country we always do recommend using the overlaminate or the vinyl is not warrantied or guaranteed to last long. So the ROI on your project would be quite low.

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